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Shadow of the colossus instruction manual

Shadow of the colossus instruction manual

Call her by shouting or whistling with D. Galloping While mounted, you can spur Agro forward by tapping D.

Shadow of the colossus instruction manual - shadow of the colossus walkthrough, guide and tips on ps4

To slow her down, pull on the reins by pushing down on the left stick. You can instruct Agro to come to a halt with the same button combination. To stand on her back while riding, hold the R button and push the left stick upwards.

You can even hang off her side by pressing the R and S buttons together, followed by either left or right on the left stick. Pats Perhaps most importantly, you can pet Agro while mounted or stood by her side by pressing the F button with no weapons equipped.

Simply head in this direction to find your next battle. Ranged Combat With your bow equipped, hold the E button to draw it, aim with the left or right stick, then release the E button to fire an arrow.

The longer you draw the bow before release, the stronger your shot will be — as indicated by the Strength Meter in the lower right corner of the screen. Keep an eye on your Stamina Meter in the lower right corner of the screen, as its depletion will accelerate as you scale the colossus and it tries to shake you off.

After enough successful attacks to its sigils, the giant will fall. After initiating a mounted stab with F, a series of white lines expand outward from the centre of your circular Stamina Meter.

Tap F again as these white lines reach the outside of the Stamina Meter to deal maximum damage. Drop Attacks You can also perform a drop attack by pressing F while falling from a height.

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Fruit Fruits grow on specific trees scattered about the Forbidden Lands. Any previously defeated colossus can be challenged again like this — providing a great training opportunity for Hard mode and Time Attack.

Shadow of the colossus instruction manual

Bonus Items Bonus Items are earned through completing Time Attack challenges, and there are unique items to be earned from both Normal and Hard modes. To access these Bonus Items, open the map with the touch pad button and press D.

Highlight any item on the list to reveal how to unlock it. Ancient Bow — reveals the weaknesses of each colossus from further away. Spotted Steed skin — changes the look of Agro.

Shadow of the colossus instruction manual

See what the creators think of their own masterpiece. Watch the full Shadow of the Colossus intro with developer commentary.

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